The National Research Management Committee (NRMC) oversees the finance and completion of milestones of all research projects approved by the Regional Research Advisory Committees (RRACs).

It also provides strategic direction to the Regional Research Advisory Committees as requested. Currently it is comprised of 5 industry, 3 CSIRO and 1 government representative:

  • Dr Peter Mayfield: Director, Energy Business Unit (CSIRO)
  • Dr Paul Bertsch: Deputy Director-Science, Land and Water (CSIRO)
  • Mike Grundy: Research Director, Agriculture (CSIRO)
  • Rebecca Pickering: General Manager Production Operations – West (APLNG)
  • Rob Ully: Integrated Gas Environment Manager (Origin)
  • Joanne Pafumi: Vice President, External Affairs & Sustainability (QGC)
  • Douglas Jackson: Executive General Manager Group Operations (AGL)
  • Mr Armon Hicks: Manager ENSW Public Affairs (Santos)
  • Josh Cosgrave: A/g General Manager Coal and Minerals Productivity Branch, Resources Division (Department of Industry, Innovation and Science) – Government representative

Dr Damian Barrett, GISERA Director (CSIRO), is the NRMC Chair and has no voting rights.

To ensure independence, the number of votes held by Industry Parties must always equal the number of votes held by CSIRO representatives, with the independent representative having a casting vote. This is achieved by each Industry Party representative applying a National Research Management Committee Multiplication Factor to their vote.

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