The National GISERA Agreement (Alliance Agreement) between CSIRO, Australia Pacific LNG, Origin Energy, QGC, AGL and Santos sets the standards for the governance and operation of GISERA.

The Alliance Agreement (PDF, 2 MB) was fully executed on 4 January 2016. A Variation to change the Alliance Term end date from 30 June 2018 to 31 December 2018 was fully executed on 24 May 2016.

Important sections of the Alliance Agreement

The Alliance Agreement provides a robust and transparent governance framework to ensure that GISERA’s research is demonstrably independent and that all research results are publicly available, following CSIRO’s rigorous peer-review process.

The following elements are central to the robust governance of GISERA:

  • A National Research Management Committee (NRMC) to oversee the activities of GISERA. Currently, this Committee comprises representation from CSIRO, Australia Pacific LNG, Origin Energy, QGC, AGL, Santos and Department of Industry, Innovation and Science. All decisions of the NRMC are by simple majority vote (refer to Alliance Agreement for more details).
  • A Regional Research Advisory Committee (RRAC) for each region to build and recommend GISERA’s research portfolio and to advise the NRMC on science direction and gaps, among other responsibilities. The RRAC can include representatives of CSIRO, industry parties operating in the region and have subject specialists appointed to ensure that the research agenda meets the needs of public good research and is relevant to the expectations of a wide range of stakeholders. The names and affiliations of RRAC members (QLD and NSW) are available.
  • Appointment of the GISERA Director who is an employee of CSIRO. The GISERA Director is responsible for the day-to-day operation of GISERA including being accountable for the successful delivery of project outputs. The appointment of the GISERA Director cannot be terminated except by the unanimous decision of the NRMC.
  • Projects cannot be unilaterally terminated (except for default or insolvency of a participant) without the agreement of all parties.
  • Any risks to public or environmental health or safety identified by GISERA research will be reported to relevant authorities.
  • To further ensure that GISERA retains its pre-competitive research focus, the NRMC will review the progress of research projects at least quarterly. In the unlikely event that commercial outcomes are generated from a GISERA research project the Alliance Agreement contains provisions dealing with the commercialisation of those outcomes.

View the old Alliance Agreement (PDF, 1MB).

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